Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. A week set aside to remind teachers that they are appreciated. Restaurants give teachers deals on food, administration gives teachers treats and high praise, parents send things in for their kids teacher and all in all it’s just shy of being a Teacherfest. I appreciate the appreciation, don’t get me wrong, but I am curious why just one week? Not to be ungrateful, but I would prefer that teachers were appreciated for more than one week. Imagine if teachers were appreciated for the entire year!

Could you imagine if legislators, taxpayers and politicians all appreciated teachers throughout the year? Imagine if we all played, as a community, like we are on the same team. Teachers wanting what’s best for the students, students wanting what’s best for their education and betterment and parents remembering we are all on the same team. If we did all of that everyday, we wouldn’t need a week, we would have a year. So would our students and so would their parents. Legislators and politicians might even soften thier stances and imagine an educational system where they would want their children to attend.

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Heck, they might even pass or approve rules and ordinances that would allow for more teacher discretion and a way for schools to meet the needs of those who are there to learn, and find a way to offer an alternative for those who are not. Maybe we as communities, could decide what is a better delivery system for some students. If we all worked together and perhaps realized that a community is only as strong as its schools, we would all have a greater appreciation for not just teachers, but education as a whole. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Again, I appreciate a week set aside to recognize teachers, but I would prefer we didn’t need one. I’d prefer a year where parents, students, legislators, taxpayers, politicians and teachers, all appreciated each other and realized without all of us working towards the same goal, we will not be as successful as we need to be. I don’t want us to just focus on a week of appreciation and move on. I want us all to appreciate each other. We all make the others job easier, if we are on the same page.

Until that time, let me recognize the super power teachers have just when the child enters their room:

Greeting the Children

The first greeting of the day

Is oh so important

It’s there that you can

Put out a fire,

Or start the kindling.

Your tone sets the mood.

Image result for high five
Set the tone, save the day!

You hold the power

If you say, “Hey,

I’m so glad you’re here!”

That goes much further

Than a raised voice or a sneer

Then you see that kid

Who was crazy, yesterday

Image result for super powers

But you put it behind you

And moved on your way!

For today’s a new day!

Time to use your superpowers

You’ve got this,

It lasts;  for 6-8 hours

So fix on that smile,

Prepare to high-five!

Let them know that,

It’s good to be alive!

Their parents they send you,

The best that they’ve got

You act like their yours

Even though they are not.

What you say can cut,

Or cause them to soar

Image result for soaring bird

Be positive, be hopeful,

And see what’s in store!

To all my teacher friends and teachers who have helped me along in my life; “I APPRECIATE YOU ! “

Image result for teacher appreciation
Budweiser used to say it best, ” For all you do, this one’s for you!”

Author: yougottateach

Lover of all things that have to do with education. From school supplies to school funding, no topic is too mundane or too big, for me to break it down and light-heartedy comment on it.

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